2018 iPhone X(s) Plus’ Portrait Surprise Revealed By iOS 12 Beta 5


It's somewhat of an open secret that Apple plans to launch three new iPhones this year, including its largest smartphone to date. The advent of edge-to-edge OLED panels has provided Cupertino and other smartphone manufacturers with a distinct design advantage. Apple, in particular, has used it particularly well.

The increase in screen real estate due to a decrease in bezels allows manufacturers the ability to make displays larger while keeping the device's dimensional footprint consistent. The iPhone X demonstrates this fact as it allows users with more viewing space with dimensions that are slightly greater than the iPhone 8's. Now, we've got some more crucial details for Apple's largest iPhone to date, the upcoming 6.5" iPhone X(s) Plus. Take a look below for more details.

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The 2018 iPhone X(s) Plus Will Allow Users To Run Native Apps In Landscape Mode Suggests iOS 12 Beta 5

Not only will. the 6.5" iPhone X(s) Plus have the largest display on an iPhone to date, the smartphone will also come in a form factor that's more or less similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. Users have also long lamented the fact that the iPhone is unable to match the iPad in portrait mode; which is a bit unwarranted since the latter has a larger display.

Now, this might change as Apple introduces a 6.5" display on the smartphone lineup later this year. This display will prove sufficient to run apps in portrait mode. Today, after iOS 12 Beta 5's release, we've got more evidence that the company will finally introduce this feature at least on its largest iPhone.

Brazilian publication ihelpbr has been very busy these past couple weeks as it's dug around in iOS 12 extensively for the iPhone X(s) Plus. Their investigation starts with the solid assumption that Apple will maintain pixel density at 458ppi for the iPhone X(s) Plus. This translates into 2688x1242 pixel resolution for the smartphone; which ihelpbr has successfully forced iOS simulator to run. This, in turn, hints at some interesting updates.

iOS 12 Beta 5 Investigation Reveals Calendar, iMessage, And Contacts Running In Portrait Mode At The iPhone X(s) Plus' Expected Display Resolution

After Apple's iOS 12 Beta 5 release, the publication once again forced the iOS simulator to run apps at the aforementioned resolution. To their surprise, they found out that several apps now support portrait orientation for the iPhone. This simple fact lends more credence towards the possibility of Apple extending this particular iPad functionality on the iPhone.

To sum it up, Apple's rumored to launch three new iPhones this year. These are tentatively dubbed as the iPhone 9, iPhone X(s) and iPhone X(s) Plus. Out of the trio, the iPhone 9 will target mass-market with its lower price point and the iPhone X(s) Plus will target more corporate-oriented users with its larger display size and portrait mode.

Apple's finally stopped growing with the iPhone, as shipments for the third quarter haven't moved much year-over-year. However, the increase in ASP (Average-Selling-Price) courtesy of the iPhone X has helped the company rake in more money with the similar amount of sales. Let's see if its plans with the 2018 iPhone lineup bear fruit. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.