App of the week Optimistic Weather


Getting bored of the overly complicated weather apps? Humidity, feels like, pressure, hourly forecast, confusing charts? Who needs them right? And the last thing someone living in a place like the UK or Seattle is to realize tomorrow is going to be yet another rainy day. Lets face it, people do not want to face these facts, so what if there is a weather app that despite whatever the fact is, always tells you it's going to be a nice, warm and sunny day tomorrow?

Luckily for such people the developers at Nation have come up with a fine app called Optimistic weather that is here to tell you sweet lies about the rotten weather tomorrow. The weather is presented with some really sweet looking characters and some fine dry British humor. For example a stormy weather is presented with an angry looking cloud throwing lightning bolts; and the weather description saying "It's all fun and games until golfers start dying". Press the next button and the forecast will be of a cheerful sunny day.

The app is built using Adobe Flash and you'll need to install Adobe Air for it to work. It is one of the finest looking apps on Android and the first time I saw it I couldn't believe such apps were even possible on this OS. It's not a factual app, it wont bore you with nerdy weather stuff. It's just a beautiful looking app that combines two things that weren't possible: weather and humor. Download the app from the Android Market

Images courtesy of fastcodedesign