Apex Legends May Add Cut Titanfall Character Jester “Very Shortly” After Season 15

Nathan Birch
Apex Legends

Just minutes ago EA and Respawn officially confirmed the details of Apex Legends Season 15, entitled “Eclipse,” which will feature the long-rumored terraforming character Catalyst, but forget about that! Now that we know the next Legend it’s time to cast our vision toward who might come next.

According to longtime leaker Thordan Smash, “very shortly after” the rollout Season 15 and Catalyst, fans can expect to get their hands on another long-rumored Legend, Jester. Whether “very shortly after” means Respawn/Respawn Vancouver are working on Jester for Season 16, or it just means they’ll be one of the next few characters to appear, isn’t 100 percent clear. But it seems likely Thordan was implying the former.

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Jester was part of a major leak from earlier this year, which revealed the identity of several upcoming Legends. Three of them, Newcastle, Vantage, and Catalyst, have panned out, so it’s likely the rest are the real deal as well. Jester is extra interesting, as the character was originally supposed to be part of the Titanfall 2 campaign, before being cut at the last minute (merchandise featuring the character was even produced). So, Jester’s addition to the roster may coincide with the addition of various Titanfall maps discovered via datamining and greater integration between Apex and Titanfall in general.

While things might change prior to the character’s arrival, here are Jester’s leaked abilities…

  • Jester Passive: Rewire - Jester can turn any grenade into a proximity mine that sticks to surfaces. Press B to toggle between modes. Spawn with a frag grenade.
  • Jester Tactical: Spectre Drop - Call in a drop pod with 3 spectres to guard and area. Only 1 set can be active at a time.
  • Jester Ultimate: Cloak Field - Creates a short-lived cloaking device that hides all players in a small area. Cloak lasts of 6 seconds after leaving the cloak field.

Apex Legends can be played on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Switch. The Eclipse season launches on November 1.

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