Apex Legends “Eclipse” Season Brings Builder Legend Catalyst and a New Map in November

Nathan Birch
Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ next season, entitled “Eclipse,” is slated to drop early next month and Respawn Entertainment/Respawn Vancouver have revealed some early details about what players can expect from the update. As previously rumored, the new Legend is Catalyst, who can build a limited number of ramps, platforms, and even a large column, essentially adding a touch of Fortnite to Apex Legends. The first trans character to join the Apex roster, Catalyst wants to save Boreas' moon Cleo, which has been partially shattered by a meteor strike and about to be strip-mined by Hammond. It’s during a corporate sabotage mission that Catalyst gains access to the “ferrofluid” abilities that allow her to do her building thing. You can check out the introductory cinematic trailer for Catalyst, below.

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Need to know more about Apex Legends’ Eclipse chapter? Here’s what we know so far…

  • New Legend: Catalyst - The experienced terraformer and defensive conjurer Tressa Smith uses her remarkable control of ferrofluid to manipulate the battlefield. The shattered moon of Boreas needs help. But when Tressa and her friend disagree about the best way to save Cleo, the consequences will change lives forever.
  • Stellar New Map - In Boreas' shadow, the newest home of the Apex Games gleams.
  • Gifting - Share the freshest Apex style with your in-game friends with the new Gifting feature.
  • Eclipse Battle Pass - Battle through Daily and Weekly challenges to earn rewards like Legendary skins, reactive weapon skins and more!

Things may have changed, so wait for official confirmation from Respawn, but these are how Catalyst’s powers were described in earlier leaks.

  • Catalyst's Passive: Reinforce - Standing near your ferrofluid structures, doors, and other Legends placeables will strengthen their integrity and allow them to take significantly more damage.
  • Catalyst's Tactical: Ferro Shot - On impact, the shot creates a ramp of hardened ferrofluid that can be extended with more shots. Can also be used to create platforms on walls (Max 3 structures).
  • Catalyst's Ultimate: Iron Tower - Ferrofluid rises up from below, pushing you upwards while creating a tall solid column under you.

Apex Legends can be played on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Switch. The Eclipse season launches on November 1. Expect more detail from Wccftech over the coming weeks.

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