Apex Legends Is Now Playable in Third Person for a Limited Time

Third Person

Apex Legends, the free-to-play Battle Royale game made by Respawn, just got a limited-time mode that lets players experience the title in an entirely new perspective: third person view.

You should probably hurry up, though, as according to the developers the third person limited-time mode will only run through Monday, January 20th. That's tomorrow.

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You may take a look at some third person view gameplay in the video below, published by YouTuber The Gaming Merchant.

Apex Legends dropped unexpectedly on players a little less than a year ago, making a huge splash at first (it became the top-grossing free-to-play game launch month of all time with $92 million in revenue).

Here's what Kai thought of it in our review:

Even with other games looming on the horizon to cover, Apex Legends has been the one title I’ve gone back to again and again over the last week. No other battle royale game has so readily captured my interest and kept me wanting to play. Even the bitter taste of defeat doesn’t sting for very long because I can just hit the ground running in the next match and have fun shooting my way to the top. Despite the rocky launch on consoles, I eagerly anticipate that Apex Legends will be here to stick around for a long while. I can only hope that new heroes can change the meta in unique ways (and I certainly wouldn’t object seeing Titanfall 2’s Cooper make the cut) to keep new content flowing for seasons to come.

Apex Legends is a surprise addition to the battle royale genre that rewards players for team play rather than playing maverick and gunning for high kill counts. If Respawn can keep new content and characters flowing, Apex Legends easily stands a chance at being the best in the genre.

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