Anthem Gets a Test Server, Freeplay Fast Travel, and Fixes, Cataclysm Footage Coming Soon


After weeks of silence, BioWare have finally emerged from their bunker, releasing a new Anthem update and information about the game’s missing-in-action Cataclysm event. According to Anthem community manager Jesse Anderson, we’ll get a first look at the Cataclysm tomorrow and BioWare will be putting the event through its paces prior to release via a new public test server.

Rather than rush [the Cataclysm] out the door, we want to take time and get feedback from you and make changes based on what we hear. In order to do that we are releasing a Public Test Server (PTS) on PC, which will allow you to see the content as it is being developed and gives you the ability to provide feedback. While this won’t immediately solve all of the current issues, we want to continue to hear from you as we make improvements to Anthem – and the PTS is a great way to do that. We’ll be diving deeper into these topics (and others) as well as giving a first look at the Cataclysm tomorrow on a livestream at 3pm Central Time over on Twitch or Mixer.

As for the update, it adds some new Legendary Missions to the Emerald Abyss, improves Freeplay with features like fast travel, and includes various weapon and enemy balance tweaks. You can get a rundown of the new features and changes, below.

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  • Improved the compass to show collectible items as a question mark when you are near one.
  • Added a purple target icon to show an area where an enemy that is guaranteed to drop loot will appear. When the enemy appears, they will have a white target icon.
  • Added the ability to fast travel to different strider locations from the map while in freeplay.
  • Three Emerald Abyss Legendary Missions have been added.
  • Load screens now display lore regarding the location that you are loading into.
  • Added a simple UI for players to communicate non-verbally with each other and express themselves via emotes. This is accessed by pressing down on the D-Pad if using a controller, or B on a keyboard for PC.


  • Fixed an issue where the “Alt” key could not be correctly used in keybinding.


  • Dominion Storm and Frost Brutes no longer have shields.
  • All Storm Javelins (Elementalists, Valkyries, etc) now regenerate their shields like other shielded creatures. When hovering they can be grounded with force or with fire status effects.
  • The Scar Hunter can now be grounded with fire status effects.
  • Improved the animation of the Scar Grenadier grenade throw to be more clear.

Javelin Changes

  • Looking away from interaction point while interacting no longer cancels the interaction.

Gear Changes


  • Base damage of Cluster Mine has been increased from 110 to 135
  • Base damage of Searching Glaive has been increased from 550 to 605
  • Base damage of Plasma Star has been increased from 110 to 210
  • Base damage of Wraith Strike has been increased from 250 to 315


  • Base damage of Burst Mortar has been increased from 300 to 400
  • Base damage of Flak Cannon has been increased from 42 to 60
  • Base damage of Black Powder (Masterwork Flak Cannon) has been increased from 52.5 to 75


  • Base damage of Blast Missile has been increased from 220 to 310
  • Based damage of Argo’s Mace (Masterwork Blast Missile) has been increased from 275 to 387.5


  • Base damage of Flame Burst has been increased from 150 to 260
  • Base damage of Venomous Blaze (Masterwork Flame Burst) has been increased from 225 to 390
  • Base damage of Arc Burst has been increased from 300/150 to 375/185

Anthem update 1.2 also comes with a long list of bug fixes. You can check out the full, unabridged patch notes, right here.

Anthem is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.