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Antec to Release New H2O Kühler Models K120 and K240 Feature Low Profile CPU Block


Antec one of the oldest and well known brands in computer components and accessories for the gaming and Do-It-Yourself market, will be launching two new models of their renowned H2O Kühler AIO Liquid Cooler series. The Kühler K120 and K240 are the newest generation of all-in-one closed loop liquid CPU coolers, and uniquely engineered to protect the CPU's performance and ensure its performance for years to come.

Antec Kühler K120 And K240 Pair Small Block for Less Weight on Motherboard

The models K120 and K240 are equipped with full-ceramic bearing shafts and Teflon coated tubing. The uniquely engineered pump is integrated with the radiator, preventing unwanted vibrations from damaging the CPU. The radiator features an arrangement of high-density 17 FPI (fins per inch) to achieve a cooling performance perfectly suitable for any enthusiast's needs. The intelligent PWM fan comes with "Silence" and 'Battle' mode automatically adjusts the fan speed based on temperature and reaches a balance between performance and silence. A blue halo surrounds each fan and enhances the ambience of the desktop.

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The new models are built around a new low-profile CPU block of only 50 mm thickness. Removing the pump from the CPU block sheds excess weight and reduces the likelihood of the motherboard bending and warping over time. The thermal paste comes pre-applied to prevent run-offs and smearing. The thermal paste utilizes new polymer materials with superior thermal conductivity and thermal performance for when the CPU is pushed to its limit. Overall, the tool-free installation minimizes effort during the building process. Furthermore, the sockets of the K120 and K240 are compatible with the latest Intel and AMD processors.

priced as aggressively as they are they seem to be pushing against brands like LEPA, Thermaltake and some of Cooler Master's more budget friendly AIOs

The K120 and K240 are commercially available now for €45($55) and €65 ($79) for the K120 and K240 respectively.

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