Antec Announces the P82 Silent PC Case


Antec has announced a variation to their P82 PC case series, much like their P82 Flow case; this variation is called the P82 Silent PC case. This case is similar to the P82 Flow with the inclusion of sound dampening side panels and the exclusion of a tempered glass side panel. The P82 Silent PC case is currently available at the suggested retail price of €82.99, or roughly $99.44.

The P82 Silent PC case doesn't feature a tempered glass side panel; instead, it features sound-dampening side panels

The P82 Silent PC case is very minimalistic while keeping the clean lines and the internals of the case largely unchanged. The design of this case features a black color scheme and has changed out the tempered glass side panel for side panels with sound-dampening foam. These sound-dampening side panels allow for not only a quieter PC system but also an easier building experience.

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Source: Antec

The front IO of this case features a power and a reset button and two USB ports on the side to keep the clean aesthetic of the case. The front panel is on a hinge to allow for easy access to the internal fans without needing to remove the front panel completely.

This variant still features a large air intake area at the front panel of the case while allowing the air to be exhausted through the back panel of the case. This case can support three 140 / 120 mm fans, while the rear offers support for a single 120 / 140 mm fan. This case comes with three pre-installed 120 mm fans, two in the front panel and a single mounted to the rear panel.

This case offers support for a maximum graphics card length of 380 mm, a maximum power supply length of 220 mm, and can support a CPU cooler with a height of 178 mm. The P82 Silent PC case can support motherboard ranging in form factors from Mini-ITX up to ATX, which allows for a wide variety of PC systems to be easily built in this case.

The P82 Silent PC case is currently available at the manufacturer's retail price of €82.99, or roughly $99.44.