Nintendo Considering Animal Crossing New Horizons Cloud Saves for Switch Online Subscribers

Aernout van de Velde
Animal Crossing New Horizons cloud saves

Nintendo is considering a function to enable Animal Crossing New Horizons cloud saves.

Yesterday we reported that the upcoming Animal Crossing Switch installment won’t support the transfer of user- and save data to another Switch console, and many have since wondered how progress should be restored in case of theft, loss, malfunction, or, if Nintendo does decide to release a new Switch model, in case of an upgrade. At first, it seemed that the only way to transfer data would be to overwrite every profile on the destination Switch console, but as posted on Nintendo’s official Japanese Animal Crossing: New Horizons info page, the Japanese company is “considering” to include a function to allow cloud saves.

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If Nintendo does decide to implement this feature, it will be limited to Nintendo Switch online users.

“This software does not support "Save Data Storage" of Nintendo Switch Online, but in case of failure, loss or theft of the Nintendo Switch [console], Nintendo writes. “We are considering a function to back up save data.”

It seems likely that the function will indeed be included although it’s unsure whether Nintendo will make it available at launch.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches next month on March 20. A Nintendo Direct broadcast decided to the title is rumored to air later this month.

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