Android Wear To Receive Support For iPad And iPhone In Coming May

Smart watches were a thing introduced not so long ago, but considering the advancements made after it, the launch seems prehistoric. Every smartphone manufacturer as well as third party companies have developed their own smart watches for different handset support. Every one of them differ in their priority and functionality apart from some common characteristics. The one thing some of them share is the Google Android Wear operating system which was introduced merely a year back.

Google Android Wear is the handling system which keeps all smart watches running. There are a few manufacturers who runs or have support for the Google Android Wear, others just might have their own custom made operating systems. Yet, in the present moment, Google's Android Wear only works with smartphones that have android OS. However, things are not going to be the way we expect them to be and Google may have different plans for their smart watch operating system. It is reported that a top Google executive quoted that Android Wear may come with iOS support as well.

Google Will Launch An Android Wear Support For iOS In May

Yes! What you've heard is absolutely legit and Google has high hopes unveiling it on it's May I/O Conference. What you all must be wondering now is the integration of iOS to Android which is pretty obvious and logical. To accomplice the difficulty of doing so, Google will launch an Android app for iOS which will aid in integration of the two operating systems who by genre also seems to be the most fierce rivals. The Android Wear application will be compatible with iOS and available for both iPhone and the iPad.

We're not so sure considering the Android Wear applications integrating with iOS, but it will definitely be  a smart move by Google to beat Apple on its own platform. This might have several aspects of pros as well as cons depending upon different institutionalized people. Of course, people who prefer iOS over Android will benefit if they deem to have like-ness and diversity of choosing Android Watch rather moving towards the Apple Watch. Users who longs to have an Android Wear UI but still want to stick to iOS than Google might succeed in its ambitions. For now, lets just wait and watch what Google has for us. What do you guys think? Will Apple allow its iOS to be manipulated by Google? Let us know in the comments below.

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