Google Wants To Crowdsource Android N’s Name, Might Not Be A Dessert After All


Android N has no name just yet, except for an uninspiring initial which has been lurking around since March. But, it's been rumored for quite some time that Google's upcoming mobile platform will bear the name 'Nutella,' but things have taken a sharp turn today at Google I/O 2016, with the Mountain View giant announcing that it wants users to name Android's upcoming version.

Android N Will Have A User-Sourced Name, Might Not Be Named After A Dessert

Ever since the release of Android, Google saw it fit to stick with dessert names to identify its mobile platform versions. And in case you're wondering, Google follows an alphabetical order as well which every new release. For example, Android KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, N, and so on. But today, Google has announced that it would do things a little differently by allowing users to name its upcoming Android version, Android N.

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This move is actually quite interesting since this will be the first version of Android which might not end up being a sweet tooth. And although we believe millions of users are going to favor the name 'Nutella' for obvious reasons, but if things do take a turn in the other direction, we might see a name such as 'Navy' or maybe 'Ninja.' We're not making this up, if the name clicks with Google they will actually turn it into a reality.

So, where can you get started? Simply head over to this link. You'll see a text box in the center in which you can type in a name that starts with the letter 'N.' Hit 'Submit,' once you're done, and if you're lucky enough Google will actually pick your name up.

Looking for some inspiration when it comes to Android N related names? Google has a snappy little video to give you some inspiration. Be sure to check it out below.

If you're asking us, this is a very smart move from Google, as it shows that the company is being more open to how it wants to shape its mobile platform for the better. But will this new initiative get the traction as Google had hoped for? It remains to be seen until the point we actually see the unique name pop up for Android N later this year.

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below what you think about this move from Google. And oh, also mention what should Android N be called.