Google’s Attention To Detail Apparent As New Android 5.1 Features Pop Up

Ramish Zafar

Slowly but surely Android 5.1 features have started to make their way across to us. After we shared some details about tiny design and wireless connectivity changes on the update with you yesterday, a tiny new feature of Android 5.1 has popped up again today. You can take a look at it in the video below.

Android 5.1 Will Allow You To Directly Unlock Device From Quick Settings Menu

Another tiny detail uncovered about Google's soon to be expected update is the ability to unlock your device directly from the Quick Settings menu. If Android Lollipop has made its way on your device, then you'll know that unlocking it directly from the Quick Settings menu in the lock screen is not possible. Well, looks like folks over at Google are paying attention to the details, as this feature seems to have changed in Android 5.1. If you were paying close attention in the video above, then you'd have seen that swiping directly outside the menu will now let you unlock your device.

For those of you who didn't watch the video, we're here to tell you what happens in the short clip above. In Android 5.1, if you access the Quick Settings menu from the lock screen, and suddenly feel the urge to unlock your device, then all you need to do is swipe to the left in the area outside of it. If face detection has been enabled on your device then your smartphone/tablet will directly unlock without the need to enter a pin code. If it isn't enabled, then you'll be directed to the pin entry screen, where all that you'll have to do is enter the pin to unlock your device. Android 5.1Amd seems to be about the little things it would look like, as Google's paid attention to other features such as connecting to Wi Fi and bluetooth networks through notification center, amongst other design upgrades.

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