Android 2.3.4 OTA rolling out with Google Talk with video for Nexus S

Google has just announced via their twitter account that a 2.3.4 update will roll out to Nexus One and Nexus S in the next few weeks. For Nexus S it will bring a really really long awaited feature: google talk with video chat. This has been a bitter area for Android since its conception and it looks like finally it will have its own native app for video chatting. For Nexus One Google says the latest update will bring 'bug fixes'. They also say a big surprise is in order. No other information has been given so far.

What users would like to know at this point is whether the new GTalk will be integrated with 2.3.4 or will it be a standalone app available for download. Will it work in old phones that do not have a front facing camera? Only time will tell.

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