Android 12L is Rolling Out to Google Pixel Phones Starting Today


When it comes to releasing updates for Android, Google has been pretty consistent. Android 12 is one of the biggest updates that the company has released. However, with minor updates, the company has been in the back seat for some time now. However, Google is returning to that idea with the release of Android 12L. This new update focuses mainly on the improvements for foldable and large screen devices and after months of testing, the update is finally rolling out to Pixel devices.

Android 12L is Google's First Minor Update in a Long Time

For those who don't know, Android 12L introduces two-column layouts along with other improvements to the large screen experience. This is done through the system and core applications. You are also getting a new taskbar for large devices.

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The split-screen mode has also received an update with now a more prominent divider line. You are also getting a handful of other changes such as letterboxing for portrait-only apps on tablets along with gestures for notifications.

The stable version of Android 12L comes after several Developer Previews and Beta releases and looking back at Google's commitment, the update has arrived just in time.

Google has mentioned the following in the blog post, “starting later this year, we’ll bring 12L to your favorite tablets and foldables with planned updates from Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft. And we’ll continue to build more features and functionalities to help you make the most of your larger screen devices in Android 13 and beyond.”

If you are looking to read more about Android 12L, you can get all the information from here. We will be posting the download links for all the supported devices soon.