Android 12 Blatantly Copies iOS 14’s Clipboard Access Notifications


There have always been two sides when it comes to choosing the kind of smartphone you want. While iOS offers its own range of privacy and security features, Android is gradually catching up. However, Android 12 has now blatantly copied iOS 14's clipboard notification. There are still a couple of months before the Android 12 update will be rolled out globally on compatible smartphones.

Google Followed Apple's Footsteps, Copies iOS 14's Clipboard Access Notification in Android 12

At this point in time, the update is in the beta phase and an early build of the feature in Android 12 has been obtained by XDA Developer. iOS 14 introduced a plethora of features that catered to a user's privacy and security. While app developers are not too happy about the App Tracking Transparency, Apple seems to be resistant to pushing the change. Another major addition that iOS 14 brought forward was clipboard access notifications.

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Android 12 iOS 14 Clipboard Access Notifications 2

Clipboard access notifications allow a user to know when a specific app has accessed the clipboard. After the feature was released, it was discovered that several apps were accessing clipboard content without the user knowing. Google has followed Apple's guidelines in Android 12. According to Google, when the feature is activated, “Show clipboard access” will “Show a message when an app accesses text, images, or other content you’ve copied.”

What takes us by surprise is the implementation of the feature. Just like iOS 14, Android 12 will show you a toast notification which will carry the text "App 1 pasted from App 2." Other than this, Google is also potentially working on its own incarnation of Apple's App Tracking Transparency to Android 12. While the information on the feature is scarce at this point, we will wait for the developers to tinker with the upcoming builds.

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