Android 11 Developer Preview 3 Is Now Available, Brings ADB Incremental Support and More

Android 11

Google released the first Developer Preview for Android 11 back in February, the preview was available for all the Pixel devices released after 2016. We found out that we users will be getting two more Developer Previews before Google finally opens up the beta. The second DP released back in March and today, we have the third one, as well.

The third Developer Preview that is now live brings some minor changes as well as a major change. So, if you are a developer who was waiting for Google to release the Android 11 Developer Preview 3, now is the time to check it out.

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Android 11 Developer Preview 3 Brings ADB Incremental Support, App Exit Reasons, Wireless Debugging and More

As far as the changes are concerned, Android 11 DP3 is not bringing many. Still, we have summarized the changes Google has made. You can check them.

  • App Exit Reasons: A fairly self-explanatory feature but through this feature, apps can actually retrieve the record as to why they have crashed in the first place. This is actually a nice feature that can allow the developers to gather the data and use it in fixing the issue that is taking place. Considering how many apps go unfixed because of the very reason.
  • GWP-ASan Heap Analysis: Google has introduced a new feature that will help the developers when it comes to finding and fixing memory safety issues. The GWP-ASan heap analysis serves as an allocation tool that will be able to detect the heap memory errors without a huge hit on performance.
  • ADB Incremental: Google has made it easier for developers to install larger APKs directly from PC. With ADB incremental, developers can now install APKs ten times faster than before. Which is definitely something that a lot of developers can make use of.
  • Wireless Debugging: With Android 11 DP3, the wireless debugging feature has improved, as well. Introduced back with the Android 11 DP2, this feature will allow developers to establish a secure connection using their smartphones.
  • Data Access Auditing: Last but not the least, Google has also updated the data access auditing APIs in the Android DP3. Google has renamed a lot of APIs, so the developers will have to make sure that they update their apps in accordance with the newly named APIs.

The Android 11 Developer Preview 3 is the last one that Google will be releasing. This will be followed by two beta releases that will also be available on non-Pixel devices. The stable release is scheduled for some time in the 3rd quarter. You can check out all the information on the information on Developer Preview 3 by going here.

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