Analyst Estimates Nintendo Switch To Have Sold 7 Million Units Between October and December

Nintendo Switch

We've often reported in these past few weeks the sales records of the Nintendo Switch. It turned out to be the fastest selling console ever in the initial ten months timeframe in both the United States and Canada, but also in other territories like Italy, France, Spain and Germany.

However, according to Hideki Yasuda (analyst at Ace Research Institute) the Nintendo Switch might have sold about seven million units between October and December. If that were true this would translate into a grand total of more than 14.6 million units since the launch in March 2017; when you consider that Nintendo's own forecast still predicts 16.7 million to be sold by March 2018, it's easy to see Nintendo Switch sales going far past that goal with three additional months still left.

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In related news, Nintendo shares have jumped roughly 3.3% in Tokyo after the announcement of the Nintendo Labo. With core fans clearly engaged already by the new console, the company now intends to go after the mainstream segment and in particular children with the Nintendo Labo.

Should it succeed, the company's lofty goal to match the Wii's lifetime success might look feasible after all.

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