American Dad: Apocalypse Soon Up for Pre-Registration at the Play Store and App Store

American Dad: Apocalypse Soon is coming to Android later this year. The game makes you clone Rodger (the alien from the show) and create an army to manage your household and save the world. You'll have to turn the Smith household into your base of operations. You'll spend a lot of time producing resources, training and equipping your crew. Once you think you're ready, you'll have to venture out into the game's world to battle enemies. The gameplay trailer doesn't reveal much in the gameplay. Here's what it looks like:

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According to the game description, American Dad: Apocalypse Soon will feature "A multi-layer RPG system with tons of customisation". There will also be a PVP mode that'll pit you against other players. The App Store listing for the game states that it will be released around October 8th this year. That date is tentative, and the release could be much earlier/later, depending on how the development goes. The Play Store listing should ideally go live at around the same time, though we've seen difference release dates on more than one occasion.

There is no word about how the game will be monetised just yet. But this is the current year and just about every mobile game comes with monetisation elements shoehorned into it. I get that it is the only way for devs of free-to-play games to make money, but it becomes a little annoying when companies such as Ubisoft saturate their titles with IAPs.

If the game piques your interest, head over to the Play Store or App Store listing or head over this link to pre-register, the devs have a pre-registration bonus going on which unlocks bonus content as more players hop on board. At the time of writing this article, the game is at a little over 200k registrations that let players equip Stan with an exclusive, apocalypse-themed outfit. The next goal is set at 500,000 users, and that unlocks two playable characters in the form of Greg and Terry.

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