AMD’s RX Vega Graphics Card Gets Pictured And 3DMark FireStrike Performance Leaked


It would appear that AMD's upcoming RX Vega had been hiding in plain sight all along. Our US and Youtube Editor Keith May, spotted the teaser by AMD on the official Alienware channel and we decided to share this with our readers. Update: HardOCP has also let out a very good look at the card! At the same time, videocardz.com has managed to get its hands on 3DMark Firestrike 1.1 scores of the final version of AMD's RX Vega so this is probably going to be one of the final major leaks before AMD's big reveal.

RX Vega's gets pictured with new back-plate and what is probably going to be the final commercial design

The first thing we immediately notice is that the card has approximately the same reference design as the Frontier Edition albeit with a few changes. From the time when Linus saw the card at CES, AMD has added a backplate with a neat yellow strip running along the edge. The logo glows as usual and you can see the BIOS switch as well. AMD decided to hide the power cables from view and if there is a glowing "R" logo like the Vega FE, we cannot see it at this point in time.

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Image Credits: Hard OCP

Judging from the width however, that could easily be two to three power connectors. This particular variant appears to be the air cooled version and is probably going to be one of the variants that hit the market. The presence of the backplate means that AMD has probably finalized the design and this is it ladies and gentlemen - the RX Vega.

Here is the thing however, we know for a fact that an RX Vega (or multiple) are currently making the rounds under AMD's senior marketing team which also showed up at PDXLAN. Interestingly, the user name on the leaked benchmark is 'TheGameTechnician', which is the code name of Jason Evangelho, AMD's Technical Marketing Specialist - so these benchmarks are almost certainly legit - and are probably indicative of the final product (the air cooled one at any rate). I have added the benchmarks below:

The RX Vega demo edition is clocked at a cool 1630 MHz for a peak compute of 13.3 TFLOPs and scores 22,230 graphics score in FireStrike 1.1. The HBM Memory is 8 GB in size and clocked at 945 MHz. The power consumption for this amount of power level seems a bit high considering a GTX 1070 with only a single power connector scores 18 485 points and a GTX 1080 with a single power connector can score as much as 22 000 - 24 000 points. The final verdict however, can only be given after AMD reveals pricing information for the GPU - which they will do so at SIGGRAPH in a few days.

The VEGA graphics chip will be utilizing the latest 14nm GFX9 core architecture which is based on the NCU (Next Compute Engine) design. The graphics card will supposedly feature 64 Compute Units or 4096 stream processors. The die measures 484mm2 in size. AMD plans on increasing the throughput of the chip through increased clock speeds. This will allow AMD to pump numbers better than the Fiji GPU which is based on the 28nm GCN 3.0 architecture and comes with the same number of cores, 4096 SPs.

AMD Vega Lineup

Graphics CardRadeon R9 Fury XRadeon RX 480Radeon RX Vega Frontier EditionRadeon Vega ProRadeon RX Vega (Gaming)Radeon RX Vega Pro Duo
GPUFiji XTPolaris 10Vega 10Vega 10Vega 102x Vega 10
Process Node28nm14nm FinFETFinFETFinFETFinFETFinFET
Stream Processors40962304409635844096 (?)Up to 8192
Performance8.6 TFLOPS
8.6 (FP16) TFLOPS
5.8 (FP16) TFLOPS
~25 (FP16) TFLOPS
22 (FP16) TFLOPS
>25 (FP16) TFLOPS
Memory Bus4096-bit256-bit2048-bit2048-bit2048-bit4096-bit
Launch20152016June 2017June 2017July 2017TBA