AMD’s “Caicos” Architecture based HD 6300 Series Graphic Card Revealed.


It has only been a day since the Radeon HD 6800 series graphic card was leaked on the net which can be viewed here, And now another upcoming Radeon card has been revealed which is based on the Caicos Architecture and will be AMD's next entry - level GPU and Successor of the HD 5400 series.

The reference design of the PCB and card have been pictured which shows a single slot card being cooled by a small passive heatsink which covers the GPU Core and the Memory chips. The GPU is built on a 40nm process so the heat produced by it will be less and the heatsink would be enough to keep it cool. The display ports include a single DVI and HDMI port.

The GPU identifier has also been revealed from the GPU-Z of the card which is 6779 and corresponds to Caicos which were revealed in the Latest Catalyst 10.8 driver leak. The card comes with a 128 bit GDDR3 memory and has the following clocks of 650/800 mhz ( Core and Memory clocks respectively). The release date of the card and pricing have not been revealed yet.