AMD’s Antilles Based GPU will Pack Dual Cayman Chips.

Nov 6, 2010

AMD has confirmed that the upcoming Dual chip based Antilles Graphic Card will be based on Dual Cayman Cores which will result in performance significantly faster than the  dual-chip Radeon HD 5970. We know that for a card that will outperform the HD 5970, Two Barts (Radeon HD 6850 or 6870) chips wont be enough to provide that sort of performance and that's the reason why the Cayman chips will be used on the upcoming HD 6990 x2 graphic card.

The chip to be used sounds more like a HD 6950 GPU which may be released later by AMD but still its unknown whether which Cayman chip will be used on the new card and hopefully it will be revealed before the launch date of the card which is November 22nd. The GPU will have a TDP over 300W and it will be one hot card. Details will be revealed soon. But the thing is, Is this card enough to tackle the upcoming GTX 580 GPU from Nvidia which is said to give more than 20% performance over the GTX 480 and that too while consuming lesser power..