AMD Zen 4 and Mendocino CPUs Receive ‘CPU Temperature Driver’ Patch In Linux


AMD appears to be working on a new patch 'CPU Temperature Driver' patch for Zen 4 & most likely, Mendocino APUs, to completely ready it in the main Linux kernel upon launch.

AMD Linux CPU Temperature Driver receives updates for Zen 4 & also possibly Mendocino APUs

Several open-source updates for graphics card technology have appeared, but very little work has appeared for the company's current and upcoming processor structure. One recently updated issue was temperature monitoring for the CPU regarding the company's "k10temp" driver. So few updates have appeared in the past for CPUs due to initializing enough mandatory updates and code to access the full features of the processor and then fixing or patching issues as they arise promptly. And the changes are usually seen by members of the open-source community.

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AMD's Rembrandt series did see k10temp support before the official launch, and the company is looking to do the same with Zen 4. It's effective for many Linux-savvy enthusiasts who appreciate the ability to monitor data from the various temperatures of the system, including GPU, CPU, and other component data. While it may not seem crucial for standard users, thermal issues arise after launch, requiring patch fixes to many products.

Zen 4

Michael Larabel of the website Phoronix notes that the patches from last year mentioned new product IDs for the next-gen architecture. Still, some products were left out from the initial updates.

This series started as what looked like a correction to previous commits, but I missed that the previous commits were for a different family with the same chip models. So while fixing up the series I also noticed that a few upcoming chips have new PCIe IDs and CCD offsets not yet supported, so add them to amd_nb/k10temp.

— Mario Limonciello, AMD Linux engineer

This new version of the k10temp enablement patches, now on its fifth version, supports:

  • Family 17h A0h-AFh,
  • Family 19h 70h-7Fh,
  • Family 19h 60h-6Fh

Family 17h is the company's Zen and Zen 2 architecture designation. Family 19h is what is allocated for the Zen 3 architecture. Larabel states that with information pulled from previous Linux kernel patches, it would stand to venture that Family 19h will also add the Zen 4 CPU architecture. We can safely conclude that all signs for 60h and 70h components are potentially for the Zen 4 and Zen 4C processors. Also, with Mendocino SOCs under development for entry-level laptop systems, AMD may include some of the new IDs in Family 17h.

Readers can find the new fifth version patches for the k10temp CPU temperature drivers within the AMD Linux section of the kernel site. It is anticipated that we will not only see these upon the launch of AMD's new CPU architecture but also in the upcoming Linux 5.20 kernel.

News Source: Phoronix