AMD Ships FX-8300 and FX-6350 Piledriver Based Processors With OEM Systems


AMD has launched two new FX processors, FX-8300 and FX-6350 for OEM systems in addition to its retail lineup which was launched this week. The new processors just like their retail parts are based on the new Piledriver core whereas a third model dubbed as the FX-8140 has also been launched which would feature Bulldozer architecture

AMD FX-8300/FX-6350:

Coming to the details, the FX-8300 runs at 3.3 GHz stock and 4.2 GHz Turbo core frequency with 8 MB L3 Cache and a rated TDP of 125W. The FX-6350 on the other hand runs at 3.9 GHz stock and 4.2 GHz Turbo core with an 8 MB L3 Cache and rated TDP of 95W. Both OEM CPUs are currently being shipped with the HP ENVY h8-1400z desktop computer. The desktop costs $599 when supplied with the FX-6120 wheres the upgrade costs to the new piledriver CPUs are $70 and $150 for the FX-8300 and FX-6350 respectively.

Additionally, AMD has also made available the FX-8140 which has 4 Bulldozer modules. The Octa-core CPU runs at 3.2 GHz and 4.1 GHz Turbo frequency with 8 MB L3 cache and rated TDP of 95W. The FX-8300 is the direct successor to the FX-8140 and the cost to upgrade to it is $120 as listed on HP's page.

All CPUs upport the latest instruction set extensions, such as SSE4, AES and AVX. The CPUs also support AMD 64 and Virtualization technologies and are compatible with the AM3+ socket motherboards.