AMD RX Vega 64 PowerColor Red Devil Pictured, Coming Next Month

Nov 17, 2017 11:59 EST

Another day, another leaked custom RX Vega graphics card. This time around we're looking at what PowerColor is cooking, via VCZ. The company is readying two custom RX Vega cards, an RX Vega 56 and a 64 version. Both will feature high-end air coolers and will carry the company's high-end Red Devil badge.

AMD RX Vega 64 PowerColor Red Devil Pictured, Coming Next Month

Just as we've come to expect from other custom RX Vega cards, the RX Vega 64 PowerColor Red Devil is very large. It features a massive 2.5 slot heatsink and three fans, which appear to be at least 85mm large each.

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PowerColor has maintained the classic red and black aesthetic treatment of the Red Devil series, which makes the Vega 64 Red Devil look unmistakably like a PowerColor product. The card also features an LED-lit Red Devil logo on the side, which should serve as a quick reminder just in case you forget how special this card is.

Image credit : Videocardz.com

Moving on to the insides of this beast. It features a tiny PCB with the same number of power phases as the reference design, which is plenty. It also features three BIOS settings, that's right... three. We're not sure exactly why as of yet, but they will likely enable users to switch between three different clock-speed/fan-curve options. In terms of IO, the card features two DisplayPorts and two HDMI ports, which happens to be the same layout we've seen on Sapphire's RX Vega Nitro design.

Availability for the new PowerColor RX Vega 64 Red Devil is slated for early December.


Which custom RX Vega graphics card do you like the best so far?