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AMD ROCm 5.0.2 launches with minor documentation updates & fixes


AMD's open-source team released the ROCm 5.0 driver with standard RDNA2 support about one month ago. A few days ago, the latest point release for the open-source AMD Radeon Open eCosystem compute AMD launched a stack update to add more documentation and fix the hostcall facility in the HIP runtime.

AMD updates the ROCm 5.0 driver to fix a failing code and adds further information to the initial documentation for users

AMD's ROCm is an open software platform permitting researchers to access the power of AMD Instinct accelerators to propel scientific findings. The ROCm platform is built on open portability, supporting environments across multiple accelerator architectures and vendors.

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With AMD ROCm open software platform built for flexibility and performance, the HPC and AI communities can gain access to open compute languages, compilers, libraries and tools designed to accelerate code development and solve the toughest challenges in the world today.

Similar to AMD's ROCm 5.0.1, the new ROCm 5.0.2 update is small with minor changes. The ROCm 5.0.2 release notes remark about fixing an issue with the hostcall facility in the driver's HIP runtime. Frequently, ROCm 5 would occasionally fail to cast kernel metadata associated with the hostcall facility. ROCm 5.0.2 fixes this issue by patching the malfunctioning code.

The AMD ROCm 5.0.2 also revises the compatibility matrix within the ROCm Deep Learning Guide, updating the ROCm documentation located at docs.amd.com.

Production-Ready HPC & AI Stack

  • Expanding Support & Access
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Enabling Developer Success

With ROCm 5.0, AMD extends its platform powering top HPC and AI applications with AMD Instinct™ MI200 series accelerators, increasing support and accessibility of ROCm for developers and delivering outstanding performance across key workloads.

You can download the latest AMD ROCm 5.0.2 on GitHub, as well as find out more information about the update.

Several Linux platforms utilize AMD's ROCm 5, such as Ubuntu LTS, CentOS/RHEL releases, and SUSE Linux Enterprise 15. The AMD Radeon Pro and Instinct GPU series appear to be AMD's main focus of the ROCm compute support. However, AMD seems to create and update new patches within Linux to show support for more AMD platforms, such as the Radeon consumer line of graphics cards.