AMD Roadmap Reveals Bulldozer Zambezi-FX

Hassan Mujtaba

AMD, Previously said to Launch its AMD Bulldozer (Zambezi-FX) Processors however rumors about delays surfaced just a few weeks before launch. AMD Officially denied that their Roadmap launch wont be delayed and announced that the 2011 launch will commence as promised. We already detailed you couple of details on the current upcoming lineup consisting of FX Series (8130P, 8110, 6110, 4110) Processors and now we have a leaked roadmap from AMD which shows that more processors will be arriving in the Second half of 2011.

The new processors would include Four new FX processors, As detailed in the roadmap Engineering samples are already available so we can expect a few benchmarks to come up shortly. Production would start in August 2011 while Retail availability is expected in Q3 2011. This could also mean that the Launch for the current lineup won't be delayed much further than the original June-July Launch. The new processors would include AMD FX 8150 , FX 8100 AMD (8 cores), AMD FX 6100 (6-core) and AMD FX 4100 (4-cores) . Detailed specs below:

  • FX-8150, 8 Core, 125W, 8MB L2 Cache, 32Nm, DDR3 1866+ support
  • FX-8100, 8 Core, 95W, 8MB L2 Cache, 32Nm, DDR3 1866+ support
  • FX-6100, 6 Core, 95W, 6MB L2 Cache, 32Nm, DDR3 1866+ support
  • FX-4100, 4 Core, 95W, 4MB L2 Cache, 32Nm, DDR3 1866+ support

The new processors are most likely to come with higher clock speeds than the currently FX-8130P (3.8Ghz/T.C 4.2Ghz). Featuring the same amount of TDP, Core count and DDR3 memory support as their respective first gen model, The would be priced same of a bit higher than the current lineup revealed here and would also feature an Exclusive Black Edition Overclock technology.

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