AMD Roadmap For 2014-2015 Products Updated – Kaveri APUs Arrive in Q1 2014, Hawaii GPU in Late September

Hassan Mujtaba

According to Digitimes, the AMD roadmap has been updated with the company's 2014-2015 product stack. The new lineups range from AMD's APUs, FX Processors and graphic cards.

AMD Roadmap For 2014-2015 Products Updated

According to the report, AMD would be set to release their Hawaii GPUs which would tackle NVIDIA's GK110 core in late September with retail availability hitting shortly afterwards in October. This is pretty much what we have been hearing since the past few months, AMD is also expected to do a press event in Hawaii Islands on 25th of September where AMD would officially introduce their latest plans for the Radeon graphic cards falling under the Volcanic Islands series including the Hawaii graphics card.

Moving forward, the new AMD Roadmap also shows that the company would also launch their low-power Kabini APUs based on the Jaguar architecture. Their would be two segments of Kabini APUs, one for the notebook market which would be available in Socket ST3 and one for the desktop platform available in socket FS1B. AMD would commence mass production of the Kabini APUs in February 2014 followed by their retail availability in March 2014. AMD's Kabini APUs would feature a 25W TDP package with two quad-core models, A4-5350 and A4-5150 and a dual-core model codenamed E1-2650.

With launch pushed forward for Kabini APUs, AMD is going to reschedule their Beema APUs which is going to replace Kabini with the new Puma+ core architecture. The Beema APUs would instead launch in 2H of 2014 followed by yet another update in 2015 codenamed Nolan. While Kabini doesn't incorporates HSA, its successors would definitely be featuring the new architecture along with the high-end Kaveri APU.

As for Kaveri APUs themselves which people have probably the most interest regarding is going to launch in the first quarter of 2014 pushed ahead from its original launch in Q4 2013. A more detailed article regarding AMD's Kaveri APU and its architecture can be found here. Kaveri's successor, codenamed Carrizo will arrive in 2015 featuring a new Excavator core and Volcanic Islands or Pirate Islands iGPU for faster graphics performance.Both APUs would be compatible with the new FM2+ socketed motherboards with the possibility of Carrizo offering DDR4 support.

There's also an update regarding AMD's past platforms which include FM1 and AM3 socketed processors which AMD would start phasing out by  mid-2013 as in now. On the other hand, AMD's FX processors amount to a total of 30% of AMD processor shipments while APUs amount to 70% which goes off to show just how well the APUs are performing. AMD's FX processors on the other hand may offer great value but their performance is lack-luster against Intel's processors which is the reason for disappointing sells and the possibility remains for AMD to cut off their entire FX Processors line just to stay focused on APUs. What future holds in for the High-End processors by AMD, only time would tell.

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