AMD “Wraith” CPU cooler Specs Revealed – 10X Quieter Than Its Predecessor

Just over a week ago we covered AMD's cool new, no pun intended, whisper quiet "Wraith" stock CPU cooler. The cooler was demoed at CES and today the folks over at AMD are letting us share some more details it. However, before we dig in I'd like to invite everyone to watch the remarkably impressive acoustic demo of Wraith. That is, if you haven't seen it already.

AMD Wraith CPU CoolerAMD Wraith CPU Cooler Generates One Tenth The Noise Of Its Predecessor

With that out of the way, let's get into the new info here. The first of which is the amount of noise , or lack thereof, that Wraith generates. The measurement of sound volume relies on the scientific decibel logarithmic scale. In which every 10 additional points are equivalent to a 10 fold increase. Keeping that in mind, the Wraith CPU cooler generates 39dBA of noise which puts it at a mere tenth of its predecessor, the D3 cooler, which generates 51 dBA of noise measured on the very same scale.

Now, the science of perceived noise isn't a precise one and while perceived sound volume is in direct correlation with the logarithmic scale, the difference created by 10 additional dBA points doesn't equal a noise level that's 10 times louder. However, it is generally accepted that every 10 points are equal to a doubling in noise.
Although ultimately, you can always just hear the difference yourself by checking out the acoustic demo I mentioned at the top of the article. Here's another link to it.

The Story Behind Wraith's Aesthetic Design

There are also several improvements to the aesthetic look of the new unit. AMD revealed today that the design took cues from AMD's stylish Radeon Fury X and R9 295X2 coolers.The addition of a laser-etched white LED illuminated AMD logo was a step to extend that strong brand image that has always been associated with the company's graphics side to the CPU side of the company as well.

Speaking to Tom's Hardawre, Don Woligroski, AMD's Product Marketing Manager for desktop CPUs said:
"The graphics team has been designing stylish reference coolers for a long time, but this was new territory for the processor team."
"I based the first designs on Radeon graphics card reference coolers, with design cues from the Radeon Fury X and Radeon R9 295X2. But it evolved. We got a designer and explored a few different routes, but the basics didn’t change much."

"Then someone mentioned laser-cut LED technology. This allows you to create something with a flat black surface with no marks or indication that it’s not opaque, but it can display an illuminated logo once it is turned on – surprise! Every person I’ve talked to about this, their eyelids pop up when they hear that a stock CPU cooler has an illuminated logo."

Wraith Delivers 34% More Air Flow And Features 24% Larger Surface Area Than Its Predecessor
AMD Wraith CPU Cooler Slide

When it comes to airflow, the Wraith cooler fan can push up to 55.78 CFM, compared to the 41.6 CFM of its predecessor. Which is a 34% increase. The surface area of the Wraith cooler has also increased significantly from its predecessor. Up to 179,730.10 mm2 from 144,397.80 mm2. Which is equivalent to a 24% overall increase in surface area.

AMD hasn't announced yet when the new CPU cooler will start shipping or with which processors specifically it's going to be bundled. It was demoed with AMD's 125W FX 8370 processor at CES so that's certainly a hint. It's also been shipping with the company's new FX 6330 processor in China for a few weeks.

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