AMD Releases Video Teaser of Radeon Fiji Based Graphics Card – Features Hot New Metallic Design, Dual 8-Pin Connectors

Update: One of our Disqus users was able to post a decent shot of the whole Fiji based Radeon graphics card. The card seems to be short in length as expected and the radiator pipes go in from the back of the card which is a new implementation for AIO cooling on cards. The card also seems to feature dual 8-Pin connectors as seen by increasing brightness on the picture.

In just one week, we will see one of the biggest battle between the industries top two graphics makers. The competitors that include the Radeon Fiji based graphics cards from AMD and GeForce GTX 980 Ti from NVIDIA will go against each other in the last fight on 28nm process node. In the process, we have seen NVIDIA tease their 980 Ti ahead of its launch on 2nd June and AMD has now come forward to reveal the first official video teaser of their upcoming graphics card based on the Fiji graphics processing unit.

AMD Radeon Fiji "It's Coming" Teaser Video Released

So what's in the video? The Video that is spotted by Videocardz first has a very brief length of 7 seconds. During the few seconds, we see the Radeon Fiji based graphics card from the side and we can also see one of the front slot bracket in the bottom left corner along with two Radeon logos etched on the shroud. We can't really make out much from the video but to be honest, the card is stunning and is a step forward from the traditional heat sink shrouds we have seen on the reference cards. While I personally regard the Titan based NVTTM and R9 295X2 "Hydra" coolers to be one of the best looking reference designs for graphics cards, the Radeon Fiji card will most definitely top my list in that regards.

You may also be wondering why I am calling the card Radeon Fiji? The reason is simply because the card is rumored to be not using the 300 series branding and has a Titan-like naming scheme which represents its enthusiast positioning in the market. The name of the card is not known at the moment hence we will be calling it Radeon Fiji until a proper name is confirmed either by our sources first or by AMD officially. The Radeon Fiji graphics card has been teased several times before, we know it will be using a water cool AIO design as indicated in the official renders by AMD and DICE's Johan Andersson also posted the first actual picture of the card last week.

The thing I like most about this card is how it uses a pure metallic shroud like the GTX 690's manganese alloy surface which looked really badass for a graphics card. There are no fans to be located on the shroud from the pictures and teasers we have seen which indicate the compartment housed inside the shroud has a refoucsed design in cooling. AMD has long been using vapor chamber technology since their HD 7000 series cards. Hawaii was the last card that determined that the vapor chamber technology was outdated for it and the reference cards were facing heating issues. NVIDIA still users liquid chamber to cool off their cards but we have seen some heating issues on the Titan X. NVIDIA does make cards which are optimized around heat and power consumption but they will also soon hit a wall, the 980 Ti that they will be launching will get several liquid cooled variants that offer more cooling performance and overclocking to deliver similar performance as a Titan X.


The Radeon Fiji will be going against the GeForce GTX 980 Ti that is launching on 2nd June. Both cards will be the last flagship enthusiast offerings to feature a 28nm process based graphics chip. The competition is heated and we have livestreams coming in from both red and green teams which can be accessed below:

AMD Radeon Fiji Graphics Cards Teasers:

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