AMD Radeon RX Vega Graphics Card Pictured in Upcoming Teaser – It’s Got A Soul! And A Brain [Updated]


Yesterday,  pictures of what is probably the reference design of the Radeon RX Vega graphics card leaked out via Chiphell. The images were posted on twitter by a user and show pictures of what looks like a promo video showcasing the RX Vega running on screen. If this video is actually the official thing, then this picture was probably taken by an employee of AMD's marketing department.

RX Vega graphics card spotted in the wild

The video appears to be teasing the RX Vega graphics card from the company (as is obvious by the logo on the backplate) and features a very nice white-black color aesthetic with red accents. The backplate is all white and features the red Vega logo as well as the Radeon branding. A black dip switch can also be seen on the backplate which is either for changing the BIOS of the graphics card or for changing the colors of the LEDs. The power and tach LEDs can also be seen besides the power connectors, which aren't discernible due to the bad quality of the image.

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The video also has an interesting tag line, "IT's GOT A SOUL" which could either be a subtle pun on NVIDIA Graphics Card being 'soulless' or could refer to an LED lighting effect (breathing effect etc).

[Update 17th March 2017 3:31 PM] Videocardz has just posted the following new pictures of the same teaser:

AMD’s high end RX Vega graphics card will contain 64 Compute Units, which (assuming the same ratio of CU to SPs as the current iteration of GCN) translates to exactly 4096 Stream Processors. The internal codename of this GPU is GFX9 (in this case the device ID is 687F:C3). Remember all our internal nomenclature analysis? Well, it’s the same thing, only in a more appealing format. Hawaii was GFX7, Polaris is GFX8 and RX Vega is GFX9.

The RX Vega GPU is stated as being manufactured on the 14nm FinFET node which means you are looking at primarily GlobalFoundries based chips here (with Samsung based chips as required under the amended WSA). It will be shipping with 8GB of HBM memory (type unknown at this point, but it should be HBM2), with 2048-bit bus width.

With a single precision compute of 12.5 TeraFLOPs per second on a GPU with 4096 cores, and considering TeraFLOPs is a function of Clock Speed * 2 Instructions Per Clock * Cores, you are looking at a RX Vega 10 graphics card that needs to be clocked at roughly 1526 MHz. Considering the fact that the already revealed MI25 is passively cooled it should be able to achieve this mark in due course and even exceed it. The specifications mention the HBM2 stack with 512 GB/s of bandwidth but this is listed as 16 GB. We already know from the RX Vega Doom demos that the product will have total vRAM of 8 GB so this is probably only relevant for the server market. The card will consume 225 Watts of power.