AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Graphics Card Listed Online – Pre-Order Pricing Ranging from $670 to $829

The Radeon R9 Fury X is AMD's resident miracle graphic card with the brand new Fiji core and 4GB of HBM memory. The MSRP of the graphic card was officially slated at $649 but it would appear that due to initial quantity limitations, preliminary etail pricing will vary from retailer to retailer. The listings have appeared recently and while I could only find Sapphire and Powercolor, the pricing goes from around $670 all the way upto $889.

R9_FuryX_Cooler_FlatRearAngle_4c_XL (Custom) A stock image of the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Graphic Card. @AMD Public Domain

Radeon R9 Fury X gets listing - Official MSRP at $649, etailing price ranging from $670 to $829

Ofcourse, there is very little AMD can do about issues like this. After all, the official price tag is the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price and retailers have discretion on how to price SKUs according to supply and demand. Needless to say, many of these retailers are expecting a massive influx of consumer demand for the Fury X SKU upon launch. There haven't been any listing at Amazon or Newegg at the time of publishing but I am sure the big giants will stick close to the official MSRP, unless things get too drastic. Given below are some of the listings I was able to find of the Radeon R9 Fury X with the various SKU codes and pricing given as well:


The deviation in the pre-order price is pretty huge and more than one etailer has the card listed at prices over the $1k mark (EU region including VAT). This goes on to show you just how important it is to buy your gaming product from a reliable etailer. While big names like Amazon and Newegg charge a regular markup on the official pricing, they usually keep close to the MSRP. The Sapphire and Power Color Radeon R9 Fury X graphic cards have been listed at multiple online shops and AIB seeding channels including ShopBLT.
The product codes/names for the Sapphire and PowerColor offerings are (Sapphire) 21246-00-40G-R9-Fury X, (PowerColor) AX-R9-Fury-X-4GBHBM-DH and (PowerColor) AZ_TUL-FURY-X-4GBHBM-D respectively.

The Fury X card is due to launch tomorrow with initial reception being very positive and all that remains is for independent reviews to put to rest the matter of 4GB HBM once and for all. Many enthusiasts will be waiting in line to pull out their wallets for AMD's latest offering, supply and demand however, could prove to be a headache in the EU region, and even the US region to some extent. We already have had a taste of discretionary pricing thanks to the Bitcoin/Litecoin craze and these few days following the launch are sure to see soaring prices. This is why the wise gamer would wait a while before ordering the beast that is the R9 Fury X.

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