AMD readies additional RDNA 3 Code, GPU Reset Mode created for Radeon RX 6000 Series in Linux 6.1

AMD Prepares More RDNA 3 Code, New GPU Reset Mode For RX 6000 Series With Linux 6.1 2

AMD has added a significantly important AMDGPU kernel graphics driver update to the DRM-Next before the Linux 6.1 merge window closes.

AMD Prepares More RDNA 3 Code, New GPU Reset Mode For RX 6000 Series With Linux 6.1

Each week we are presented with more updates from the red team's open-source engineers steadily developing the support for new technologies from the company. This week, AMD prepares the support for the RDNA 3 graphics and CDNA MI300 graphics accelerator. AMD will add a new block of code to the kernel to assist with this support. However, with this code, it is still unknown as to the state of the kernel support for AMD in Linux 6.1 is sitting.

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Below is a summary of the changes that AMD made this week:


- Mode2 reset for RDNA2
- Lots of new DC documentation
- Add documentation about different asic families
- DSC improvements
- Aldebaran fixes
- Misc spelling and grammar fixes
- GFXOFF stats support for vangogh
- DC frame size fixes
- NBIO 7.7 updates
- DCN 3.2 updates
- DCN 3.1.4 Updates
- SMU 13.x updates
- Misc bug fixes
- Rework DC register offset handling
- GC 11.x updates
- PSP 13.x updates
- SDMA 6.x updates
- GMC 11.x updates
- SR-IOV updates
- PSP fixes for TA unloading
- DSC passthrough support
- Misc code cleanups

- ISA fixes for some GC 10.3 IPs
- Misc code cleanups

- Delayed work flush fix
- Use time_after for some jiffies calculations

- DSC passthrough aux support

The uncertainty in AMD's code is the company's strategy for activating on an IP block-by-block basis. The company has not fully revealed how close they are to supporting Linux's upcoming graphics and acceleration next year. There is also the question if the company will have the preparations in place once the new technology launches.

AMD also adds "Mode2" reset support covering "Sienna Cichlid" RDNA 2 architecture and the Radeon RX 6000 graphics. Mode2 is an alternative graphics processing reset mode planned for multi-container use cases and additional areas that require a short GPU reset without affecting the video memory and, in turn, losing data.

Finally, AMD includes bug fixes and patches for the Aldebaran series, Display Stream Compression (DSC) enhancements, VanGogh APU GFXOFF statistics support, updates to the SR-IOV, and miscellaneous low-level code revisions. You can read the complete pull request here, listing all information and additional information for each of the new additions to the kernel to be prepped for Linux 6.1's release next year.

News Sources: Phoronix, Freedesktop

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