AMD Holding Partners Summit On April 23 – 7nm and Navi On The Agenda

So I had a short follow up that I wanted to share with everyone. AMD is switching into gear as it prepares for the launch of its 7nm Ryzen parts. We have learned that certain partners and AIBs will have a lot of information revealed to them at a Partners Summit that is happening around April 23 later this month. I am told that 7nm chips and Navi are on the agenda for discussion.

AMD (US-NA) Partner's Summit: Embargoed information on AMD 7nm chips and Navi GPU

AMD has only launched the 12nm Ryzen 3000 series so far (unfortunately, the 7nm lineup has the same name so confusion ensues anytime we mention it) and we have heard very little about the Navi GPU series but AMD was planning to discuss the same with (regional) partners that are invited to the Partners Summit happening at the end of the month.

While we can not be certain that tangible, embargoed information is going to be revealed to them - it does make that one of the highest probability events. From what the rumour mill has been saying so far, AMD is planning to launch its 7nm CPU and Radeon GPUs (anyone's guess whether this will include Navi) at Computex 2019 and if that is the case, it is very likely embargoed information will be disseminated at the summit.

So without any further ado, here's the lowdown:

  • The AMD Partner's Summit will happen somewhere around the 23rd of this month.
  • This will be a regional event (probably North America only), not a global event, and the company plans to have more of these throughout the year.
  • Ryzen 7nm CPUs and Navi GPU are on the agenda.
  • There is a high likelihood that the embargo for Ryzen 7nm and Radeon (Navi?) will be revealed here (read: launch date).

We have heard nothing on NVIDIA's 7nm GPUs so far and if AMD can actually meet a Gamescom launch timeframe then it is going to beat not only NVIDIA but Intel to the market as well (Intel's equivalent 10nm process is slated to land sometime in 2H 2019). There have been rumours about actual availability in late 2019 but all the chatter does point to a Computex 2019 launch. Hopefully, we are going to find out soon. I wanted to keep this short and sweet so that's all for now folks.

What are you most excited for?


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