Exclusive: AMD’s 7nm Navi GPU Will Launch Roughly A Month After Ryzen 3000

So I published a rather long list of mobility leaks recently, but I guess no one wants to read those (yes, this is me being sour) and people are only interested in desktop graphics these days. Well, if that's what you want to read, then that's what you will get. I have with me the first concrete information about 7nm Navi's launch. Navi GPU was initially slated to launch in 2018, but you might remember my exclusive last year in which I told you it would be landing in 2H 2019 - well, 2H 2019 is almost here.

AMD's 7nm Navi GPU will launch mid-Q3, a month after 7nm Ryzen - most likely event: Gamescom 2019

Before I go into the details, I want to point out that roadmaps are whimsical things. Unlike concrete details like specifications etc., they are at the mercy of AMD's management and may change without any intimation. The information that I am providing (as far as roadmaps go) is accurate at the time the article is published but may change in the future. Also, this is going to be a rather short piece since there is only so much you can discuss with just a launch window. With that little disclaimer, let's get into the deets.

I have been told that AMD's Navi GPU is at least one whole month behind AMD's 7nm Ryzen launch, so if the company launches the 3000 series desktop processors at Computex like they are planning to, you should not expect the Navi GPU to land before early August. The most likely candidates for launch during this window are Gamescom and Siggraph. I would personally lean towards Gamescom simply because it is a gaming product and is the more likely candidate but anything can happen with AMD!

Some rumors previously had suggested an October launch, but as of now, AMD is telling its partners to expect the launch exactly a month after the Ryzen 7nm launch. Those who read my original exclusive will remember that I talked about how Navi is going to be the first non-GCN GPU and the first card to break free of the 4096 SP limit imposed by the GCN macro-architecture.

Rumors about the RX 3000 series have been swirling for a while now with some that said that the company might even launch the cards at CES early in 2019. This is something I did not include in my pre-CES AMD agenda article and that is because I had been told that yields aren't good enough for a consumer card yet - and that is where the Radeon VII entered the stage. Now that enough time has passed for yields to improve, we could see the first batch of 7nm Navi GPUs hit the shelves before the third quarter of 2019 is up.

Are you excited for the Navi GPU launch?
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