More AMD HD7900 GCN (Southern Island) Details Leaked: Frequencies, Prices and Release dates

Recent announcements and presentations from AMD suggest that the much anticipated 28nm Radeon HD7900 Series Graphic Cards will be launching in Q1 2012 (Jaunuary 2012). Other than the release dates, Technical specs which include frequencies and Next Gen GNC Core Architecture details have also been leaked.

According to a post by NordicHarware which detailed that the launch of AMD's HD7000 Series is expected on 5th December 2011 however that was revealed to be a Press Conference in London of the cards rather than a launch exhibition as later unveiled by Fudzilla. Following are the specs of the HD7900 Series Graphic Cards:

GCN HD7970 (XT Tahiti):

The HD7970 is based on the 28nm Tahiti XT core and would be the fastest single chip GPU of the 7000 Series. It features a massive 2048 Cores (Shader Processors) or 32 CU (Compute Units),128 texture units and the core frequency is maintained at 1Ghz. One bad news is that AMD has ruled out the use of Rambus XDR2 memory and is reusing the 1.37 GHz GDDR5 quad data rate, ie at 5.5 GHz of bits used by these GDDR5 384-bit will result in 3 GB of RAM.

This means that the HD7970 would feature a record memory bandwidth of  264 GB / s against 174GB / s of HD6970. Pricing of the card would be set at $449 US.

GCN HD7950 (Pro Tahiti):

Just like its elder brother, The HD7950 would be based on the Pro version of the Tahiti Core which features  1920 cores (30 UCs), 120 texture units while the core frequency is maintained at 900Mhz. The GPU would feature a 3GB memory running at 5Ghz along a 384-bit wide memory interface. Memory bandwidth is rated at 240GB / s. Pricing of the HD7950 is expected around $349 US.

Both 7900 Series based HD7970 and HD7950 would be launched at the CES 2012 Event in Las Vegas,  From 10 to 13 January.

GCN HD7990 (New Zealand):

Last up would be the flagship dual core monstrosity HD7990 codenamed New Zealand. The HD7990 would feature Dual HD7970/HD7950 Cores. The Core clock would be set around 900Mhz as rumored by BSN and the memory capacity would be set at 6GB (3GB x 2).

Pricing of the card would be similar to the HD6990 at $699 which is outstanding considering the performance leap the southern island GPU's have to feature. Expect the launch of this dual core beast in March 2012.

While AMD is all focused in launching their HD7000 Series as early as possible, The Green Team at Nvidia is also preparing its Kepler Series graphic cards which are set to feature twice the performance increase then Fermi. Check em out here.

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