AMD FX-8350 (Retail Chip) Performance Exposed – 9% Faster than Bulldozer FX-8150


OBR has yet again leaked the AMD FX-8350 performance results however this time he managed to get a retail sample of the chip which was produced two months ago. According to the benchmarks, the FX-8350 turned out to be 9% (on average) faster than the FX-8150 in Single and Multi-threaded applications.

The AMD FX-8350 is the flagship processor of the FX-Vishera platform featuring the x86 Piledriver core architecture. The eight core chip runs at 4.0 GHz base and 4.2 GHz Turbo Core frequency and has an L3 Cache of 8 MB. TDP is rated at 125W however the CPU is almost 15 percent more power efficient the Bulldozer giving out 7% Performance and 7% Frequency improvement as said by AMD's Brent Barry.

The CPU was pitted against AMD Bulldozer, Intel's Sandy Bridge, Intel's Nahlem and Intel's Ivy Bridge processors in a massive list of testing applications - 7-zip, Aida64, Arena Chess, Blender, Cinebench R10, Cinebench R11.5 just a few to name. Being priced at around $220, the CPU performs faster than the i5-2500K in Multi-Threaded performance however stays behind by a big margin in Single-Threaded performance. When compared to its predecessor, the  FX-8350 turned out to be 9% faster than FX-8150 on average with a 4.2% single-threaded and 11.2% increase in Multi-threaded performance.

AMD FX-8350 Performance Slide:

The end results could vary but not by a huge leap so AMD still needs much more improvement in its FX processor lineup to match Intel's desktop lineup. Launch of AMD's FX-Vishera is expected on 23rd October.