AMD FSR Added to Assetto Corsa Thanks to Custom Shaders Patch Mod

AMD FSR 2.0 To Bring Impressive Performance, Impressive Image Quality & Support Across GPUs From All Vendors Soon!

Following the user-made implementation of AMD FSR into Grand Theft Auto V, we surmised that more games would soon receive the same treatment. Indeed, the popular racing simulation game Assetto Corsa recently got AMD FSR as part of the latest version of the Custom Shaders Patch created by modder Ilja Jusupov (whose Patreon can be found here). CSP is an extension that adds various physics extensions, optimizations and fixes, dynamic lights as part of Lighting FX, Weather FX (a fully scriptable dynamic weather engine), Extra FX (local reflections, bounced lighting, temporal anti-aliasing, etc.), Particles FX (sparks, new smoke, bits of grass and dirt and more), and Car extensions (reverse lights, turning signals, working odometers and more).

AMD FSR is now one of many settings that can be activated within the configuration file, as detailed below. Early reports suggest the performance boost can be significant, especially when playing Assetto Corsa in Virtual Reality mode.

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FSR; AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution
ACTIVE=0 ; Active; 1 or 0; new
QUALITY=0.667 ;; Performance is 0.5, Balanced is 0.667, Quality is 0.75, Ultra Quality is 0.883
SHARPEN=-1 ;; Auto is -1, Very low is 0.15, Low is 0.3, Medium is 0.5, High is 0.7, Very high is 0.85
__HINT_BOTTOM=Available only with single or triple with both post-processing and FXAA in AC video settings active, or in VR (any combination of settings). Might negatively affect screenshots quality.

YouTuber LMAOPictures posted a 4K video comparison of AMD FSR working in Assetto Corsa with CSP 1.76. He tested various resolutions, from 720p to 4K, and various quality presets, coming to the conclusion that 4K Balanced is the ideal one as you only lose a bit of definition and it might not even be very noticeable while you're focused on nailing those turns during a race.

Given that a few days ago AMD FSR became open source, it's fair to expect many more of the user-made mods to pop up in the near future for other games. We'll keep an eye on the most interesting ones and report back as usual.

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