AMD EPYC 7773X Milan-X Flagship CPU Benchmarked In Dual-Socket Configuration, Scores Almost 30,000 Multi-Threaded Points in CPU-z

Hassan Mujtaba
AMD's EPYC 7V73X, Flagship Milan-X, 3D V-Cache CPU Cache Performance Tested, Also Features Better Boosting Design

AMD's recently launched EPYC 7773X flagship Milan-X CPU has been benchmarked in a dual-socket configuration. The CPU benchmarks were spotted by HXL in the Chinese Taobao retail outlet where it is listed for sale.

AMD's Flagship Milan-X CPU, The 64 Core & 804 MB Cache Equipped EPYC 7773X, Benchmarked In Dual Socket Configuration

The flagship AMD EPYC 7773X will rock 64 cores, 128 threads and feature a maximum TDP of 280W. The clock speeds will be maintained at 2.2 GHz base and 3.5 GHz boost while the cache amount will drive up to an insane 768 MB. This includes the standard 256 MB of L3 cache that the chip features so essentially, we are looking at 512 MB coming from the stacked L3 SRAM which means that each Zen 3 CCD will feature 64 MB of L3 cache. That's an insane 3x increase over the existing EPYC Milan CPUs.

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The EPYC 7773X Milan-X CPU '100-000000504-04_34/21_N' that was used in the benchmark is a QS/ES chip that features a base clock of 1.8 GHz and boosts up to 2.9 GHz which is the maximum reported frequency with the CPU benchmark. Both of these are slower than the final clock speeds that we know of so expect retail-ready variants to perform much better. Two AMD EPYC 7773X CPUs were tested on the Supermicro H12DSi-N6 motherboard which features support for up to 4 TB DDR4-3200 memory.

As for the performance, the dual AMD EPYC 7773X CPUs with Zen 3 cores scored an absolutely epic 29668.9 points within the CPU-Z multi-threaded benchmark. That's just a few 100 points shy o the 30,000 mark which can easily be breached with the final retail units. While there aren't several 256 thread entries within the CPU-z database, we know that a single Threadripper 3995WX can also hit the same performance which shows that CPU-z doesn't scale well beyond 64 cores, & here we are talking about an insane 128 cores and 256 threads.

Also, CPU-z shouldn't leverage much from the added MB's of cache which will be utilized by HPC and cloud computing data centers so expect the real gains from those workloads. We also saw a set of benchmarks earlier where the EPYC 7773X was beating EPYC 7763 in various tests.

AMD's EPYC 7773X Milan-X QS/ES CPUs are currently up for sale over Taobao for a price of 18,000 RMB or around $3000 US. That's a fairly cheap price considering the Threadripper PRO 3995WX is still listed for over $5000 US and the standard Threadripper 3990X retails for $3990 US. The final model won't come as cheap as these ES parts and we should expect more realistic pricing over $9000 US for the Milan-X parts.

AMD EPYC Milan-X 7003X Server CPU (Preliminary) Specs:

CPU NameCores / ThreadsBase ClockBoost ClockLLC (3D SRAM)L3 Cache (V-Cache + L3 Cache)L2 CacheTDPPrice (ShopBLT)Price (MSRP)
AMD EPYC 7773X64 / 1282.2 GHz3.500 GHzYes (64 MB per CCD)512 + 256 MB32 MB280W (cTDP 225W Down / 280W Up)$9609.36 US$8800 US
AMD EPYC 776364 / 1282.45 GHz3.500 GHzN/A256 MB32 MB280W (cTDP 225W Down / 280W Up)$8616.41 US$7890 US
AMD EPYC 7573X32 / 642.80 GHz3.600 GHzYes (64 MB per CCD)512 + 256 MB32 MB280W (cTDP 225W Down / 280W Up)$6107.88 US$5590 US
AMD EPYC 75F332 / 642.95GHz4.000 GHzN/A256 MB32 MB225W (cTDP 225W Down / 240W Up)$5312.39 US$4860 US
AMD EPYC 7473X24 / 482.80 GHz3.700 GHzYes (64 MB per CCD)512 + 256 MB12 MB240W (cTDP 190W Down / 250W Up)$4290.23 US$3900 US
AMD EPYC 74F324 / 483.20 GHz4.000 GHzN/A128 MB12 MB200W (cTDP 165W Down / 200W Up)$3197.87 US$2900 US
AMD EPYC 7373X16 / 323.05 GHz3.800 GHzYes (64 MB per CCD)512 + 256 MB8 MB240W (cTDP 190W Down / 250W Up)$5137.38 US$4185 US
AMD EPYC 73F316 / 323.50 GHz4.000 GHzN/A128 MB8 MB190W (cTDP 165W Down / 200W Up)$3874.10 US$1565 US

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