AMD To Unveil Next-Gen EPYC CPU & Instinct GPU Families at ‘Accelerated Data Center’ Premiere Event on 8th November

AMD To Unveil Next-Gen EPYC CPU & Instinct GPU Families at 'Accelerated Data Center' Premiere Event on 8th November

AMD has officially announced its premiere 'Accelerated Data Center' virtual event which will take place on the 8th of November, virtually. The event will feature presentations from AMD's CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, and other top executives, mainly discussing their next-generation EPYC CPU and Instinct GPU platforms.

AMD's Next-Gen EPYC CPUs and Instinct GPUs To Be Unveiled at 'Accelerated Data Center' Event on 8th November

While AMD hasn't explicitly stated what new products or announcements we are going to get during the event, a tweet by AMD's Director of Marketing, hints that we are going to see both Instinct GPUs and EPYC CPUs during the Livestream. With AMD soon nearing the end of their existing roadmap, it will be prime time for AMD to unveil a brand new data center roadmap & keeping things further interesting will be the announcements of new EPYC and Instinct families.

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AMD will host its Accelerated Data Center Premiere on November 8, 2021 at 11 a.m. ET, showcasing the company’s upcoming innovations with EPYC processors and Instinct accelerators.

The virtual event is slated to feature presentations from AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Data Center and Embedded Solutions Business Group Forrest Norrod, and Senior Vice President and General Manager, Server Business Unit Dan McNamara.

The event will be accessible to the public at starting at 11 a.m. ET. A replay will be available and can be accessed after the conclusion of the livestream event.


From previous reports, we know that AMD is expected to launch its Milan-X EPYC CPUs as those have already been spotted in retail listings. The new Milan-X chips will feature 3D V-Cache stack technology similar to the ones that AMD has promised for its Zen 3 based Ryzen CPUs coming to the AM4 socket in Q1 2022. The second key family to be announced during the event will be the MI200 series which is expected to include the Instinct MI250X and Instinct MI250, offering a huge boost in compute performance and also being the first MCM GPUs for the data center.

Lastly, the speculation brigade has hinted that we might even see Trento during the event, and to be honest, anything is possible since AMD is all set to tackle both Intel and NVIDIA in the respective CPU & GPU segments.

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