AMD EXPO DDR5 Memory Overclocking Profile For Ryzen 7000 CPUs Announced, DDR5-5200 Native & Up To DDR5-6400 Overclocking Speeds

Intel Z690 & B660 Motherboards Will Feature Support For Both AMD EXPO & XMP DDR5 Memory Kits 3

AMD has officially taken the lid off its EXPO DDR5 memory overclocking profiles for Ryzen 7000 Desktop CPUs with up to DDR5-6400 support on Extreme series AM5 motherboards.

AMD EXPO DDR5 Memory Overclocking Profiles For Ryzen 7000 CPUs Made Official

AMD's EXPO tech which stands for "Extended Profiles For Overclocking" for Ryzen 7000 Desktop CPUs will be aiming for the high-end "Extreme" series 600-series motherboards in the X670 and B650 family. The profile will be an extension for XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) which will also be available on the AM5 platform but to benefit from higher speeds, AMD has designed the EXPO technology.

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Based on what AMD has shown, EXPO will enable one-click DDR5 overclock support on AM5 motherboards and offer up to 11% faster performance at 1080p resolution. The EXPO memory kits from various memory makers will be designed to hit low latencies of around 63ns and there will be a range of public certification reports that will provide users with full specifications and OC settings that they can work with.

New for the Ryzen 7000 Series Desktop processors and optimized for AMD Socket AM5 motherboards, AMD EXPO technology provides users with advanced profile settings for DDR5 memory overclocking. When optimized for high-performance gaming, consumers can expect to see up to 11% faster gaming performance with AMD EXPO technology in F1® 2022.

AMD EXPO technology was designed to achieve higher gaming performance from pre-configured overclocking profiles and is easy to implement. PC enthusiasts who want to understand the finer details of an AMD EXPO technology-enabled module can find public self-certification reports, which clearly lay out the module’s full timing table, components, and the system configuration used to finalize the memory’s specifications. AMD is offering EXPO technology to its industry memory partners without royalties or licensing fees.

AMD EXPO technology arrives to market alongside the AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors, with offerings from ADATA, Corsair, GeIL, G.SKILL, and Kingston. Over 15 AMD EXPO technology-enabled memory kits will be initially available, with memory speeds up to DDR5-6400.

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As for the first EXPO products, AMD announced that their memory partners such as ADATA, Corsair, GeIL, G.Skill, and Kingston, will have a total of 15 kits at launch with speeds of up to DDR5-6400. The native speeds will be rated at:

  • 1x1R - 5200 MT/s
  • 1x2R - 5200 MT/s
  • 2x1R - 3600 MT/s
  • 2x2R - 3600 MT/s

We have already talked about G.Skill's high-end Trident Z5 NEO DDR5 memory kit which will offer up to 6000 Mbps speeds at CL30 timings.

Just a few days ago, we reported that DDR5-6000 will be the sweet spot for AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs based on the Zen 4 core architecture using the EXPO technology. The DDR5-6000 memory kits that are optimized with EXPO support will offer the best performance with the lowest latency in a 1:1 FCLK (3 GHz). However, for those who want to benefit from higher bandwidth, there will be faster DDR5 DIMM offerings and we have seen speeds of up to DDR5-6400 which we have been told is a very entry-level push-up from where the overclocking speeds are actually going to end up.

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The AMD EXPO DDR5 memory kits will launch alongside the Ryzen 7000 Desktop CPUs and AM5 motherboards on the 27th of September.

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