AMD Bulldozer FX-Processors to offer upto 1Ghz Turbo Core Frequency

Donanim Haber has released a new chart detailing AMD's upcoming Turbo Core Technology which would be featured in its upcoming Bulldozer based FX processors. The Bulldozer Processors which would be part of the B2 revision are supported by AM3+ Socket (990FX) motherboards and are likely to be released in Q3 2011.

The chart shows that the new CPU's would come with a decent base clock and allow a good amount of TDP and Overclocking Headroom, The Turbo Boost feature would allow a good speed bump of a few hundred Mhz on all cores while the Power Gating (C6) feature would allow cores that are not currently in use to completely shutoff allowing further speed bump to the cores under usage. This would allow upto 1Ghz Turbo Frequency on half of the cores of the Bulldozer Processors while maintaining an acceptable amount of power consumption.

The Turbo Core frequency could range in different processors as the one demonstrated in the chart is a 8 Core model. Many charts which detailed the technical specs of the FX-Processors could prove true as they also show that the new CPU's come with a high T.C headroom ranging over the 4Ghz mark. You can check details of them below:

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