AMD Bulldozer FX 4110 Performance Videos Leaked

Two new videos have been uploaded on YouTube which show performance demonstrations of AMD's new upcoming bulldozer based Zambezi-FX Processor. The Processors used for the testing was "FX 4110" Bulldozer based Quad Core chip. Stock clocks of the chip remain unknown but the user who uploaded did mention that it was OCed to 3400Mhz on a low Vcore of 0.925 which shows bulldozer can be overclock friendly chips requiring lower power to provide higher overclocking headroom.

Following are the PC specs used in the performance demonstration video:

- ASUS CrossHair IV Extreme Edition
- AMD Bulldozer FX 4110 OC'ed (Bulldozer OC'ed to 3,400MHz ~ 0,925 vcore)
- RAID0 SSD Patriot 256GB
- 2x 2GB Corsair Dominator GTX3 2400MHz CL 7-7-7-20
- CrossFireX ATi Radeon HD5970 BE
System Spec:
- Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bits

The first video shows a test of WEI (Windows Experience Index) on which the PC scores a rating of 7.9 on each test, The user re-ran the test and showed the task manager reporting a quad core chip (Usage - 100%) to proof the test is not a lie. However, A rating of 7.9 in the CPU tab and that too with a Quad Core is something fishy, I own a Intel Quad Core and the best i got with a Core Clock of 4.0Ghz was 7.6.

Anyways, Another video shows the Load/Idle temps of the rig with the same processor. The CPU cooler used was AMD's 95W Box Cooler which is bundled with its Phenom processors. On a core clock of 3400mhz the max temps of all cores were way below 50C reporting around 41-45C while the CPU stayed at 38C and system temperatures were at a cool 30C. Idle shows even better improvement with cores reaching the 30C mark and CPU stays at a cool 25C. Ambient temps ere 30C for both load and idle.

You can check out the videos below (Embedding of the videos was not allowed):

AMD FX-4110 WEI (Windows Experience Index Test)

AMD FX-4110 Idle/Load temps

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