AMD Project ‘Amur’ and ‘Nolan’ Details Leaked – Slated to be the First 20nm APUs

AMD has recently been trying to penetrate the tablet market and while Intel gets ready to unveil its 14nm Cherry Trail SoC, AMD will be launching its Amur and Nolan based system-on-chips to target and penetrate the same market. We now know for sure that Nolan is an x86 SoC while Amur will be an ARM based one and both will be targeted towards Android-specific applications.AMD Carizo APU

AMD x86 Nolan and ARM based Amur are slated to be the first 20nm APUs

This leak is primarily about Amur but I think a general introduction of Nolan is in order too. AMD Nolan is Beema's replacement for 2015 and is most probably going to be on the 20nm process. Unlike Project Nolan, which is x86, AMD Amur will support on ARM based heterogeneous system architecture. It will be designed upon the Cortex A57 and will supposedly ship in third quarter of 2015. Amur will support both Android and Linux while Nolan will support both Android and Windows. Intel has been having major difficulties with players such as Qualcomm and Media Tek and now it seems another competitor is entering the fray. It doesnt help that the tablet market has been declining steadily since last year.

AMD's Amur SoC will be targeted dead center at the android ecosystem, specifically the tablet market and will probably feature 4 cores. Its graphics part will be powered by Graphic Core Next (probably 2.0).  Nolan on the other hand is based on the Puma+ architecture and will be virtually identical to its ARM counterpart apart from the fact that it is x86 and not ARM. Both Nolan and Amur are slated to be produced on the 20nm node and have a release time stamp of Q3 2015. Now one of the more interesting questions that we can ask ourselves is whether AMD is going after Tegra? Tegra K1 caused a lot of hype with its recent Unreal Engine 4.0 demo and the Android Extension Pack and probably the only company that can well and truly match Kepler based mobile GPUs is AMD.

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