AMD A8-3850 APU Breaks 5GHz Barrier On LN2


Llano APU are AMD's first processors to feature the new 32nm manufacturing process and in theory, should have better overclocking in terms of giving out less heat and giving out more area to play with. But then again, because of the integrated GPU on the chip, it is impossible to reach the speeds of those earlier 6GHz Phenom II series compared to the older generation. To add to the misery, due to initial deficiencies in the new BIOS, the multiplier is not open; hence, APU overclocking is not as easy as it seems.

Due to the massive overclock from it's stock speed of 2.9 GHz, the vcore or core voltage had to be raised from it's default 1.42v to 1.76v while also the frequency could only be raised to a limit of 174 MHz. The team had used a combination of a Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H motherboard running a 2GB DDR3 corsair memory module at a frequency of 1866MHz and CL7 timings of 7-7-7-20 respectively.

The CPU-Z shows an error in verification of the massive overclock as it mistakes the FS

B as double (174x2= 348 MHz as shown in the CPU-Z) and therefore hasn't been certified either. Still, AMD's new architecture is new so the CPU-Z 1.58 can be blamed as buggy for now.

The official CPU-Z shot can be viewed here.

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