Amazon Games is Teaming With Horizon Zero Dawn, Fable, and Battlefield Vets for a New IP

Nathan Birch
Amazon Games

Amazon’s attempt to get into the gaming industry has been a bit turbulent, to say the least, but they’re sticking to their guns and expanding their third-party publishing efforts. Today Amazon Games announced they’re going to be publishing a new IP from the British indie studio Glowmade. While Glowmade is small, its 25 employees come with impressive resumes, as the team includes veterans that have worked on the likes of Battlefield, Horizon Zero Dawn, Fable, and Little Big Planet. Glowmade previously announced the game RustHeart, which will be published through the EA Originals program.

We don’t know all that much about Glowmade’s new project just yet, but it’s described as a “creative online co-op experience.” Amazon Games VP Christoph Hartmann had to the following to say about the new publishing deal…

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Amazon Games is dedicated to finding and publishing best-in-class games, whether they’re from AAA studios or passionate indie teams. Glowmade is a team of seasoned developers with the right creativity and experience to make games players will love. We are excited about the opportunity to work closely with this talented studio to bring our players the very best gaming experiences.

Meanwhile, Glowmade studio head Jonny Hopper is understandably excited about getting the backing of Amazon Games.

The Glowmade team has been working incredibly hard on our exciting new IP, and Amazon Games has been a great partner. The Amazon Games team’s commitment to helping us deliver on our creative vision has been amazing. We can't wait to show the world what we're up to.

Amazon Games’ long-in-development MMORPG New World finally launches next week -- their first major launch after numerous game cancellations. They’ll also be publishing the popular Korean MMO Lost Ark in North America in early 2022.

No release timeframe has been announced for Glowmade’s game. It sounds like it’s fairly early in development, so don’t expect a release date for a while.

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