Amazon Echo Show Users Can Rejoice As YouTube Makes A Comeback Alongside Vimeo and Dailymotion


When YouTube pulled the plugged on Amazon's Echo Show two months ago, many Echo Show customers felt cheated. YouTube being one of the most prominent video streaming services, Echo Show was left with no worthy alternative to stream videos.

It all started when Google objected to the way Amazon implemented YouTube support in Echo Show. The implementation violated YouTube’s terms of service. However, besides all the drama that was created two months back, Amazon Echo Show users are reporting that they are starting to see YouTube videos on their device again. While Amazon still refuses to have used Google’s version of Android with all of their apps and services pre-loaded on the device.

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The retail giant also denies the allegation to have sold the equal number of Google's products that compete with its own. These products include Chromecast and the Google Home as they directly compete with Amazon’s Fire Stick and Echo lineup.

Amazon was not happy with Google's sudden move

The rift between Google and Amazon widened when former suddenly stopped allowing YouTube to work on the Echo Show. Google says that the integration of YouTube on Echo Show violated its terms of services as it created a fragmented user experience for the users. As expected, Amazon was not happy with Google's move as it felt that it was not at fault as accused by Google. Amazon was also not happy about how Google suddenly stopped supporting Echo Show without intimation.

YouTube is back in a Web-like UX, support for Vimeo and Dailymotion also added

Now, in the latest move, in this case, it looks like YouTube is back on the Echo Show but with a different UX. YouTube on Echo Show now resembles the YouTube UI that you see when browsing the streaming service on the web or a tablet. This is a new way by Amazon to bring YouTube back on the Echo Show. The web UI of the app is in compliance with Google's requirement regarding terms of service. Alongside this change, Echo Show now also allows users to access alternative video streaming services such as Vimeo and Dailymotion.