AlphaCool is Expanding Its Range of Large Copper Radiators With the NexXxoS Radiators

Evan Federowicz
Source: Alphacool

For PC users that liquid coolers and have a large amount of space not currently being used in their system, Alphacool's NexXxos large-format copper radiators are a perfect buy! Alphacool has announced five new NexXos copper radiators in a variety of sizes. The five new NexXxos radiators include the XT45 Full Copper 1260 mm SuperNova, XT45 Full Copper 1080 mm Nova, XT45 Full Copper 200 mm, XT45 Full Copper 400 mm, and ST30 Full Copper 560 mm radiator V.2.

Alphacool releases five new large-format full copper radiators in the NexXxos series of radiators

Alphacool utilizes pure copper for their radiators; this makes their radiators offer a better thermal transfer when compared to other radiators that may use either aluminum, which provides less thermal transfer. This is shown in copper's thermal conductivity of 400 W/(mK) being fastly higher when compared to aluminum's thermal conductivity, which is just 236 W/(mK).

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Source: Alphacool

The least expensive out of the five is the NexXxos XT45 Full Copper 200 mm radiator, which is currently priced at $63. This radiator offers a fin spacing of 12 FPI, which means that the airflow should never be obstructed. This radiator offers space for up to a 200 mm fan to be mounted to it if that fan offers either 154 or 165 mm mounting holes on the mounting frame.

Source: Alphacool

The second radiator with the lowest price is the NexXxos XT45 Full Copper 400 mm radiator, which is increasingly similar to the 200 mm version but offers two separate mounting spots for fans instead of just the one. Another change is the price, and the 400 mm radiator version is priced at $89.26.

Source: Alphacool

The next radiator is the 1080 mm radiator, which is significantly larger when compared to the 400 mm version. The 1080 version features a total of nine different fan mounting locations rather than the two as seen on the 400 mm version with just a slight increase in price, this radiator being priced at $105.03.

Source: Alphacool

The second to last radiator is the NexXxos ST30 Full Copper 560 mm radiator V.2 is priced at $110.28. This is the only radiator that features a higher fin density, having a fin density of 15 FPI. The main feature of this radiator is that it is just 30 mm thick making it perfect for the tight to fit PC cases.


The largest radiator on this list NexXxos XT45 Full Copper 1,260 mm SuperNova radiator, which features two ways to mount a variety sizes of case fans. One side of this radiator features four mounting locations for 200 mm fans, and the other side of the radiator features a total nine mounting locations for 140 mm fans. This radiator is currently priced at $147.04.

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