Alien Colonial Marines Release Date Delayed

As a lot of anticipated titles are being pushed to next year "Alien Colonial Marines" grabbed a spot in 2013 titles list, developer Gearbox Software recently announced the official release date for Alien Colonial Marines, February 12 with an in-game footage trailer.

Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford explained on Gearboxity Blog about the delay that Aliens: Colonial Marines must feel "authentic," and he plans to make the game lasting appeal for a decent time not just for the fans of the Alien film franchise, but those who have never seen any of the movies and familiar with the story.

Pitchford also explained that gamers have felt that Aliens: Colonial Marines has boasted a longer-than-average development cycle. He said that the studio had only just finished prototypes by the time game was announced back in 2008, and was just beginning earnest production of the title. As a closing statement Pitchford said development time for Aliens: Colonial Marines will be roughly equivalent to the original Borderlands or the first Brothers in Arms title.

For some of the info gathered a small piece of  alteration got the spotlight that the delay will feature first-person shooter environments and weapons inspired by the original film from the 80's, as far as the trailer goes cinematic and effects goes game looks pretty good but it  felt a rough finish to the animation and stiff physx design, and for an highly anticipated title set to release is 2013, developers could have taken advantage of the visual boost provided by next-gen consoles but Alas game will be out in early 2013 Feburary. Lets just hope the delay covers all the flaws.

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