Alan Wake remains sleepless as his American Nightmare is coming to the PC

Rizwan Anwer

Alan Wake: American Nightmare was revealed on the steam registry and this was a just as good confirmation that the game is officially coming to the PC just like the original game and all we were waiting was for the green light from Microsoft and Remedy which just came today, it seems that the popular XBOX Live Arcade title "Alan Wake: American Nightmare" will be making its way to the PC on steam yet again, seeing as how the first one was a smashing success how could the company NOT put this amazing game on the PC too? Now the only question I have is whether Mr. Scratch had any hand in convincing Remedy to make the PC version.

While it's not a proper sequel to Alan Wake, American Nightmare is still a great game from Remedy Studios even though it is an arcade game this time around. The game has come a long way since the original and this time Remedy was kind enough to release the game in the same year as the XBOX 360 version which is a good sign that the company is finally getting around the idea that the fanbase for Alan Wake on the PC is just as big as the XBOX 360's fan base and hopefully when a proper Alan Wake sequel does come out then we can get a same date launch for both if fans are able to impress Remedy yet again with impressive sales of the game.

The game is available on steam Here and surprisingly the game is coming out as early as this month on May 22nd for the PC and if you buy the game now you get it 10% off which is a good deal, if you were a fan of the original game and its episodes this game will surely not disappoint you and I hope that Remedy is working on a proper sequel to Alan Wake.

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