AirPods Max Suffering From Battery Drain; Owners Are Complaining of Overnight Discharging

Omar Sohail
AirPods Max Suffering From Battery Drain; Owners Are Complaining of Overnight Discharging

There are a growing number of AirPods Max owners complaining of the premium headphones losing their battery charge overnight. Even when the battery level is at 100 percent, it’s reported that the AirPods Max went from being fully charged to 1 percent and even 0 percent overnight. Remember that these drainage issues are happening even with the headphones placed inside Apple’s official case, which puts them in ultra-low power mode.

A Reddit thread started by u/Linkistinki discusses the same problem, and a lot of users are complaining of the same battery drainage issue.

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“Happy new year folks, i just wanted to ask if anybody experienced this with their max: charged them in the morning to 100% used them occasionally (2-3hrs) during the day and in the evening, put them in to the smartcase. Wake up to 0% battery. This happened twice now. Resetting them didn’t help... Really hoping this is a bug.. and wondering if anyone else has this.”

MrFling posted a question on Apple Support Forums related to the rapid battery drain of the AirPods Max.

“Can anyone explain why when I put my Airpods Max back in their case at 60% battery life and the next morning they we're at 1% battery life? This has happend to me multiple times with the magnetic flap closed. So I know I'm putting them in the case correctly. Feels like this needs to be a software fix. Apple please give us the ability to turn these headphones off.”

It’s possible that the problems started emanating after the firmware update was issued on December 18, 2020. Additionally, AppleTips mentions that the AirPods Max battery draining problem isn’t experienced when paired with an iPhone; it happens when the headphones are connected to the Apple TV or a non-Apple-branded device. Some users have been able to remedy the problem by force restarting them. This is done by pressing and holding the Digital Crown and noise control button until you can see the orange light.

Another way that this battery draining problem went away was by restoring the AirPods Max to factory settings. This is done by holding down the Digital Crown and noise control button until the white status light turns white. Keep in mind that these are inconsistent fixes, and if these methods don’t solve your problem, you’re pretty much relying on Apple to issue a software update in the coming days.

Are you one of the AirPods Max owners who’re experiencing extreme battery drain problems with your headphones? Tell us down in the comments.

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